Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Variety is the Spice of Life

One of the reason I shop at Costco, beside buying bulk, is the variety of food that they offer. For example, where else can you get 9 different kinds of chocolate candy in a bag? For the recovering
chocoholics like myself (I go to the YMCA on 15 th street on Thursdays) this is a very good thing.

It helps lot towards portion control as you have to open each package before you eat another piece. I will admit this is not a huge deterrent, but that extra 1/20 of a second it takes to open one, my brain is able to yell, "STOP!" Most of the time I listen.

Sometimes seeing all this candy makes you wonder, "What would a Snickers-Crunch taste like? or a Reese's-Crunch? A Kit Kat with almonds and coconut? A Butterfinger with nougat, caramel and crisp wafers?" Well I guess those ideas never made it past the drawing board.

The last idea I had was to melt all 9 kinds of candy in a big bowl, mix it up and reform it to see what I get. I am not that bored....yet.