Wednesday, May 30, 2007

HoiCin Cantonese Restaurant

HoiCin Fine Modern Asian Cuisine
9555 Folsom Blvd #D
Sacramento CA 95827

I have had dim sum, lunch about five or six time, dinner 3 or 4 times and their, yes, All YOU CAN EAT!!!

It is kind of funny, I think that HoiCin is the only restaurant I have ever had breakfast, lunch, dinner and all you can eat.

Let me start with dim sum. We had the promotional items; I think we had:

Sesame Seed Ball (5) $2
Shrimp "Har Gow" (5) $2
Pork "Shu Mei" (4) $2
Steamed Pork Buns (4) $2.50

Everything was good, but I was disappointed that the steamed pork buns were store bought and not made in the restaurant (the tag gave it away). All in all we were pretty full for about $12. I think that's a pretty good deal.

Lunch is either hit or miss; sometimes the food is cooked well, sometimes a little overcooked, sometime canned fruit is used like when I ordered pears pork chop. Today I had the BBQ pork, that was good. You know how a lot of times when you get BBQ it is a little tough? I think they used a pork shoulder because it had a nice crust, but was tender.

Dinner I remember having:


Smoked Sea Bass.

The smoked sea bass was really good. It was cooked perfectly with a nice amount of smoke permeating each bite. I think it was a little sweet too.

The All YOU CAN EAT, well that was just a blur, all the dishes I had were good, none great.

Overall I think it is a pretty good place to eat Chinese as good as Fat's in Folsom. So 14/20 vs other Chinese restaurants in the area and 12/20 overall.

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