Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mangarosa Review

1548 Stockton St
San Francisco, CA 94133 (I wish the address was in Sacramento!)

I really was a little hesitant about making a reservation here. Brazilian and Italian, I have had good food from each of these cuisines separately, but together? I knew it would be either hit or miss with this place.
So to kill any suspense: Brazilian cuisine + Italian cuisine = Yummy!


“Pão de Queijo” cheese bread “Brazilian Style”
Love the smell of fresh Italian bread? Do you like melted cheese? How about a nice ball of melted mozzarella in your fresh Italian bread? That's what you get. Can you smell the gooey cheese? That's what I love, two simple ingredients merged , but the end product is exponentially tasty.

“Mangarosa” butter lettuce salad, sweet & spicy walnuts, fresh mangoes, dry cherries, cambozola cheese and mango lime mint dressing. This was a solid salad, it was sweet, sour, crunchy, fresh and a little spicy. All the taste buds get to play in this salad.

Brazillian steak Rechaud is a steak finished at table in a heated iron grill with three sauces. We split this entree, it was a pound of meat. The meat was good, grass fed and tender.
For a side we had Yucca fries. They were cut like steak frites, nice and golden on the outside and perfectly seasoned. To me they are a tiny bit tangy/sweet and held up well against the steak.
The drink we had was

(The new Brazilian Rum), muddled lime
wedges, fresh mint leaves, pineapple juice and orange
liqueur, shaken and served straight up
My friends had:

crab dip with artichoke, onions, grana padano and parmesan crostini
filet mignon “Espetinhos
pumpkin risotto
They had a:

Coconut flakes, coconut milk, sugar,
shaken with coconut rum, Premium “Cachaça” Leblon
and finished with ice
We were too stuffed for dessert! We had three baskets of the “Pão de Queijo”!
My rating: 20/20 vs other Italian/Brazillian places (Are there other ones?)
Overall it was good 16/20.