Monday, June 11, 2007

Samurai Sushi Review

Samurai Sushi
12251 Folsom Blvd
Rancho Cordova, CA 95742
(916) 353-1112

This place has become my sushi place of choice, first as a fall back to Mikuni's on Hazel, then for its location, now I genuinely enjoy going to this place for lunch or dinner.

Like I said, if the wait at Mikuni was too long then we would head over here. For me the quality of the fish and preparation of the sushi is equal and that is what counts. I am into straight sushi and sashimi. I am not a huge fan of the many sauces and other flavors that muddy the freshness of the fish, especially a lot of those of some of the rolls like the, "kitchen sink" roll.


I was working in this restaurant a few years ago and this beautiful slab of tuna came in and the chef was breaking it down. I was standing there with the pastry chef (who was a cute girl, of course) and he cuts a huge piece off and offered it to the young lady. She was like "yuck!", he's like "you want it?" I was like, "Hell Yeah!" So there I was happily munching away on what was probably an 8 ounce piece of toro (fatty tuna belly) when I think about it.

Back to the review, I have been there about 7 or 8 times in the last six months for both lunch and dinner. What I like is, it is a fairly large restaurant, so even if it is busy the wait is never very long to begin with. This last time I was there I had the chirashi, I think it was about 3 pieces of tuna and salmon, a couple of the sweet egg triangles, and 3 or four miscellaneous pieces. The sushi rice was cooked properly with a little bit of sweetness and sourness.

All my pieces were cut nice and clean and tasted (and smelled) fresh. The tuna was nice and meaty and the salmon had that melt in your mouth quality.

Overall, I would rate Samurai Sushi 14/20 vs other Sushi places in Sacramento and 13/20 vs all food places overall.

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