Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bounty Hunter Wine Bar Review

Bounty Hunter Wine Bar
975 1st St # B
Napa, CA 94559
(707) 255-0622

Napa Day 2: Lunch

If you want a bare bones meal and opportunities to try some good wine then this is the place. The only reason I heard of this place is that the guy who gave us our tour at the Del Dotto Winery told us that the Bounty Hunter uses the old barrels of their Cabernet wine to smoke their meat and I LOVE Del Dotto's wines.

I was torn about which sandwich to order. My significant other ordered the pulled pork, so that left me with The American Kobe Brisket roasted over the barrels of great Cabernet from Del Dotto or the Bounty Hunter Sliders. What you cannot see in the picture of the menu is that the sliders are made of wild boar. Sliders also remind me of my old days of working at White Castle. I decided to go with the sliders. since I am always up for trying new things.

Pulled Pork Sandwich

Bounty Hunter Sliders

The pulled pork sandwich was great. The pork was tender and had a great smoky taste. You can tell it was cooked for a long time to get that tenderness and flavor. The BBQ sauce was a nice complement to the sandwich; just a little bit enhanced the pork flavor. The only thing I can see for improvement is making the sandwich with a little more body and crust, like the bread used for the sliders. Otherwise it was one of the best pulled pork sandwiches I have had in a long time.

The sliders were a little different. I was expecting a more intense and gamy pork burger. The burgers were juicy with a nice meaty texture. The flavor, to me, was similar to a turkey burger. She tried it and she said it was a little gamy. Hmm... Overall they were good and tasty, but I think I will try the Kobe brisket next time.

Below is a picture of what I had as a wine flight. All nice big, but soft reds. I liked them all and did not a preference of one over another.