Monday, July 14, 2008

Salumi: Seattle trip continued

Salumi Artisan Cured Meats
309 Third Ave South Seattle, WA 98104
(between Main and Jackson, across from Seattle Lighting)
(206) 621-8772

Yes, I still am blogging about my Seattle trip because I ate A LOT! As you may or may not know this is Mario Batali's father's place. A meat lover's paradise. I bought my lunch here and sat down at one of the tables in Waterfall park. I got the porchetta sandwhich with peppers. Is there a better animal to pay tribute to? This could have easily fed two, but I was greedy and ate the whole thing :) I will definitelly have to return with a cooler to get some of the unusual products such as the lamb prosciutto.

The Porchetta: Salumi's tribute to the pig, pork butter-flied and stuffed with meat and spices. The bread was crusty and had enough body to stand up to the many juices from the meat and peppers. There were a few different types of meats seemingly cooked a few different ways that provided different textures and flavors. The bigger chunks on the edges were probably roasted shoulder, there was some braised sausage and some braised pork. The meat, the crusty bread and the slight heat of the peppers made one great sandwhich.

Waterfall Park

The Scene

Waterfall Park offers an escape from downtown without leaving it. The park encompasses exotic greenery, including ginkgo trees, with several benches and small tables and a 22-foot crashing waterfall, all within four stone walls. Though hidden from street view, the park's roaring cascade reveals its whereabouts to passersby. At noon on warm days, nearby nine-to-fivers assemble at the four small iron tables for an alfresco lunch.

The History

Waterfall Gardens was built by eight Japanese stone masons in 1977, in the tradition of New York City's "vest pocket parks": small, rubble-filled vacant lots among downtown buildings transformed into self-enclosed squares and locked up at night. Per instructions from park developer and United Parcel Service millionaire James Casey, the Boston architecture firm Masso Kinoshita surrounded the property with a massive fence and gates.


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