Monday, July 21, 2008


Kru Contemporary Japanese Cuisine
2516 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95816
Phone: 916.551.1559

This was the best sushi that I have had in a long time. The fish was cut with precision, but delicately enough to show that the chef cares about the fish. (Yes, that is really how I felt). The fish flavor was clean and fresh enough that I could taste some of the ocean it was swimming in earlier that day.

One on the main reasons I wanted to try Kru was that the menu had more than just sushi. I have always wanted to try tuna collar (probably from watching too much Iron Chef). It was grilled tender and not dried out. Its flavor was like grilled tuna with a little more melt in your mouth quality. It was kind of like a tuna brisket.

Another thing that makes this place great is that they serve real wasabi. The experience is so much different than the powdered horseradish at most sushi places. The wasabi flavor is clean and briny, a little sweet and complements the fish with some heat instead of blowing out your sinuses.

The last thing I was impressed by was the roll. I am not a huge fan of rolls, especially at places like Mikuni's. Their sauces mask the flavor of everything so you cannot taste any of the individual components. The Jade roll had a balance of rice, lobster, crayfish, avocado, lettuce and the sauce matched well with each of these to bring it all together.

Overall, I would highly recommend this place if you are looking for a new sushi place.

Hatsumago sake

oysters - fresh pacific oysters, preserved wasabi root, ponzu,
chili paste, pink hawaiian sea salt

This is what real wasabi looks like; it's not from a can.

hamachi kama - charbroiled yellowtail collar, ponzu sauce

nigiri mix - assorted nigiri chef's choice

Jade - lobster tempura, crayfish salad, lolla rosso lettuce, chives, avocado, cucumbers, mamenori, teriyaki, and spicy cream sauces

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