Saturday, July 26, 2008

Kabob House in Folsom

Kabob House

648 E Bidwell St

Folsom, CA 95630

(916) 983-6619

One word for my experience APATHETIC.

We ordered the spanakopita, dolmades and a large gyro.

Spanakopita: This was the first dish, my friend said it was chewy. I took a bite and it was like eating a tortilla with a little spinach. It was not light flaky like it was supposed to be. It was like something they microwaved out of a box.

Dolmades: Yes, not good nor bad just, "meh"

Gyro: You would think that this would be a fairly simple dish to pull off in a Greek restaurant. The major component, the meat, was flavorless like the meat was boiled not baked or roasted. The was no flavor from the lamb or from the spices. The Tzatziki Sauce was so watery it flowed out of the back of the gyro when I picked it up to eat it, what little there was of it.

To top it off the server never brought us any plates, did not clear any of the plates of the appetizers and they charged me for an ice tea refill. Who charges for each ice tea refill? Who lets food out of their kitchen like this? I really felt like no one cared about anything.

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