Friday, August 17, 2007

Bobo's Cafe

I was all excited to try some of the "Best Vietnamese in Sacramento." It was ranked even higher than Lemon Grass.

So we went to the one off Marconi on Fulton for lunch. There were other Asian people eating inside, which is a good sign.

So we ordered a crispy crepe. It is a crepe with chicken, bean sprouts and some miscellaneous ingredients. That came first. The size impressed us as it was large. We had this dish many times from La Vie in San Francisco. My first bite...where the hell is the flavor? The crepe was sort of crunchy. After adding some hot sauce it was OK.

Next up on the menu was lemon grass chicken, but our server kept saying Kung Pao chicken which is #45. This went on for 30 seconds and we decided to trust the waiter. What we got was overcooked chicken in a sauce which was much too thick and a cross between Kung Pao and a cream with tomato sauce. No lemon grass to be seen or tasted.

Moving on the the last dish, beef, chicken, shimp, vegestables on a crispy noodles. Sounds more Chinese to me. Well the same chicken that was used to make the previous dish appeared again. Tough, dry, and had the same flavor as the previously mentioned dish.

I should have know something was wrong when the iced tea tasted funny.

Who in the hell voted this best of Sacto, not me. I would give this place a 3/20. I would not eat here if you paid me to unless I could take the money and eat somewhere else.

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