Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Dreyer's Dibs 94% of RDA of saturated fat

Usually 94% is a good number such as if I have a 94% chance of winning the lottery or if I scored 94% on the exam. We decided to watch Spiderman 3 at the Imax on Saturday. We had an ice cream craving so this is what we ordered. I ate one and thought, "these are pretty good."

Until I looked at the nutritional content. 94% saturated fat? really? The numbers not transposed wrong;did they mean 49% as in the number above it? No. I wanted to return the Dibs.

So even if I split this evenly I still would eat 50% of my RDA of saturated fat? Not cool. I mean they taste pretty good, but not worth the fat content. On one hand, at least they did not make the entire package 26 servings to try to confuse consumers, BUT if yo look at their website

Dreyer's lists the total fat content, but not the percentages. Sneaky, eh?

So for fun I listed comparable portions (105 gm or 3.7 ounces) of different food.

Pork Rinds = 15 gm fat (74%)

Breyer's Triple Chocolate ice cream 4.5 gm of fat (22%)

Round Table's 1 slice of King Arthur Supreme 6 gm (30%)

1 apple 0 gm (0%)

The moral of the story? Buyer beware or eat some Breyer's ice cream before you go to the movies.