Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ruth Chris Review

OK so I lied, I'll launch and work on this site as I go!

I had an interesting dinner at Ruth Chris last Friday. It was not the food or the service that was different, but the electricity or lack of it!

We just placed our orders for our dinner; a filet, a ribeye, asparagus with hollandaise, onion rings and some gratin potatoes. About 10 minutes later the power goes out in the entire shopping center, the generator for the lights go on dimly and out table is illuminated by soft candlelight.It was rather romantic and our service continued without a hitch. We received our dinner about 5 minutes later minus my onion rings. I was hoping they would throw some oil in s stock pot an cook them for me. Oh well. We could not order the chocolate molten cake since they use a microwave to heat it. They tried to improvise with the couple next to us, but they said it was not the same. C’est la vie, we ended up going to Ettore’s to get a slice of the Kahlua cake.

The only blemish on the evening was that we had reservations at 7:30 pm and we were not seated until 8:15 pm. This was the latest that I have been seated after a reservation, EVER.


Mushrooms Stuffed with Crabmeat Broiled mushroom caps with jumbo lump crab stuffing sprinkled with Romano cheese.


Filet: The most tender cut of corn-fed Midwestern beef. (medium)

Ribeye: An outstanding example of USDA Prime at its best. Well marbled for peak flavor, deliciously juicy. (medium rare)

Wine: 2003 Grgich Hills Cabernet Sauvignon

Sides: Potatoes Au Gratin: Served in a cream sauce, topped with melted sharp cheddar.

Fresh Asparagus with hollandaise

Dessert: Chocolate Kahlua cake at Ettore's

Food: 17/20

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