Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Bamiyan Afghan Restaurant

Bamiyan Afghan Restaurant
7622 Greenback Lane
Citrus Heights, CA 95610
(916) 725-6009


Very lean ground beef mixed with spices and seasonings, cooked on the skewer like skinless sausage and served with homemade chutney sauce


Skinless and boneless cubes of chicken breasts marinated and charbroiled golden and moist on the skewerEggplant (Brony Bonjan)

Sliced steamed eggplant, fried and topped with tomato sauce,. homemade yogurt, and mint


Special rice topped with seasoned almonds, raisins, carrots, flavored with cardamom served with Eggplant or Pumpkin Puree and sauteed lamb or char-broiled chicken. Samosa

Fried crispy, thin dough with filling of spiced eastern peas, potatoes and vegetables, served with homemade cilantro chutney sauce
Traditional Afghan sweet made with milk, cardamom, walnuts and pistachios.

We went here on a cold and rainy night a few weeks ago. The kabobs we had were a little dry and overcooked and did not have a lot of flavor. The eggplant was tender and moist and tasted like eggplant. The yogurt and tomato sauce made the eggplant a little sweeter.

The Kabeli Palow was not memorable as well and the samosas looked like fried won tons. It must have been an off night because everything tasted the same, none of the dishes really seemed any different than any other.