Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mason's Restaurant

Mason's Restaurant
1116 15th St
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 492-1960

amuse bouche
I think the dough was pate a choux with stuff with a little Point Reyes blue cheese topped with a jam/jelly. It was a nice little bite of creaminess and saltiness form the cheese that matched well with the sweet topping.

Creamy Cauliflower Soup:
It was wet and rainy when we ate here a few weeks ago. A nice bowl of soup always hits the spot on nights like these. It was a luxuriously creamy, velvety and simple.

Grilled Niman Ranch Dry Aged Ribeye:
Ah, the good old ribeye, my favorite cut of beef for steak. This was my second choice since my partner ordered the cassoulet. The meat was buttery and cooked to my requested temperature of medium rare. The salsa was a little strong, so I just scapped most of it off since a litttle went a long way. The polenta was good, but not as creamy as I would have liked it and the rabe was crunchy and made me feel a little less guilty of eating red meat.

The Park Cassoulet
Duck confit, duck sausage, and pork belly, what more do you need? OK maybe a little foie, black truffle and caviar might make it sound better, but not necessarily taast better. The duck confit was good. How good? My partner ate all of it before I could even ask to get a sample. The sausage was tasty and the beans were good. The only thing was that the bread crumb crust was a little overseasoned.

Spiced Chocolate Almond Cake
It was tough deciding between this and the molten cake. When it arrived at our table, the almond cake was a little molten anyway so I do not think we missed out. The almond flavor was definitely there, but not overpowering. The cherries and gelato provided a nice textural and temperature contrast. The one thing that could be improved upon is to give me more next time!

This is the fourth or fifth time I have been to Mason's in the last year and I have had all good meals there. A few little tweaks here and there, it would have been almost a great meal. The one thing I do not like about Mason's is their off the shelf, room temperature bread. It's not the best way to start a meal there.

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