Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Chicago sidebar: Hot Doug's

Hot Doug's
The Sausage Superstore and Encased Meat Emporium

3324 North California
Chicago, IL 60618
Phone: (773) 279-9550
Fax: (773) 279-9553

It is nice to be back in Sacramento after this wet weekend for my brother's wedding. "How wet?" you ask.

"O'Hare International Airport recorded 6.64 inches of rain Saturday -- breaking the all-time record of 6.49 inches set in 1987, according to the National Weather Service. Records have been kept since 1871."

Surprisingly, everyone was in good spirits and the wedding proceedings went rather smoothly.

Hot Doug's is a place that I attempted to go to at least two other times I was in Chicago, but was closed for vacation. They specialize in unusual sausages made from exotic meats. I had the Cognac and pheasant bacon sausage. How do you make bacon from a pheasant anyway ;)? It was good overall and not too gamy. The fries were crispy on the outside with nice color and moist and tender on the inside. I was expecting a little more duck flavor from the duck fat fries.

I had a good overall lunch, there are so many different sausages and flavor combinations that I will have to make a few trips to try the other specials. I think many other Chicagoan would agree with me as there is always a line out the door to this place.

Hot Doug's daily specials board

Cognac and bacon pheasant sausage

Can't remember this one.

Duck fat fries, yes duck fat