Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hing Loon

Hing Loon
628 S Weller St
Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 682-2828

After going to the grand re-opening of the Wing Luke Asian Museum, I decided to eat here for lunch because it just started to rain and I had read a few good reviews about this place. As you walk in you will see many of the menu items written in Chinese calligraphy on various walls of the restaurant. I did not see anything too exotic like black chicken so I decided to try some Chinese comfort food.

The first item was the vegetable chow fun. The vegetables were fresh and not overcooked, still crunchy. The sauce was light and provided the right amount of seasoning.

The next dish was the crispy smoked duck. I think it was smoked with black tea. As you can see form the picture it's not dark like the lacquer ducks that you see in the many of the Chinese BBQ shops. This was fantastic! The skin was crunchy since a lot of the fat apparently rendered off during the smoking process. It was light almost like a potato chip. The meat had a smoky background that was not overpowering and had a firm but not tough or chewy texture. Probably the best preparation of Chinese duck that I had.

If you are in Seattle I would highly recommend this place for the smoked duck dish alone.

Vegestable Chow Fun

Tea Smoked Duck

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